The Centre of Excellence in Marine Biology, under the Centre of Excellence Act of 1974, is the only well-established institution in Pakistan, which offers degrees in Marine Biology at M. Phil. and Ph.D. level. Research and training of graduate students is the basic objective of the Center. We take students of the center as an asset for the country’s future needs. Ever expending population demands food and employment.

A considerable number of people of Pakistan are residing in small pockets along the coasts of Sindh and Balochistan and are generally poor. Center is currently carrying out research to obtain data for coastal zone management and biodiversity & habitat conservation. Conserving natural resources ensures access of coastal community to natural resources and this in fact is in line with the objectives of Pakistan’s national conservation strategy.

The courses taught at the Centre are designed to place students outside of their cultural comfort zone and engage them in marine processes and ecosystems prepared for problem solving and leadership role. The Centre is staffed with highly qualified scientists who have experience of working in various renowned institutions in the world. Faculty of CEMB mainly focuses on education, research, and service to understand marine ecosystems, including the human component, and to develop approaches for marine conservation and restoration. We study the biology of marine species, address global marine issues, and use advanced technologies to collect data that allows science and policy to be evaluated across space, time, and disciplines.

Launching website of the Center is to share information with the wider community locally and internationally. We are looking forward to develop collaboration with the regional countries and other advanced countries in furthering Marine Science education and research in Pakistan. CEMB intends to be the focal point in the region for Biodiversity conservation, fisheries management and oceanography of the regional seas. Anyone interested in promoting marine sciences and natural resource conservation and management is very welcome to share views and ideas with us. Thank you for visiting our webpage.